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12x24 run-in HS12X24 Horse Run-In 12x24'

##HS12X24 Horse Run-In 12x24'

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14d-without-star HS12X24 Horse Run-In 12x24'

Select Steel Roof Color:

These Portable Horse Run-Ins are high quality and very strong and durable. Built to last. So give these a try today and see for yourself. A few pointers to keep in mind when ordering a shed:

This run-in comes with a post in the middle, being it is 24ft wide we feel that there should be extra support in the middle.

PLEASE scrol down to look at our roof & trim colors.

  • We use a 36ft trailer on a Pick-up truck for delivering, so access to the shed location is very critical.
  • Any obstruction of trees must be cleared, with a minimum of 14ft wide and 14ft high,
  • Laneways and paddocks/fields must be solid enough to drive on with truck and trailer.
  • Access to paddock or field must be wide enough for the truck to pass through!
  • It is recommended to fasten the shed with stakes into the ground to prevent it from shifting in high wind

Made with,

  • Built on 6x6" Preasure Treated Beams
  • 1"thick Pine board & batton siding
  • 1"thick Pine boards on inside (Also available with ash or oak)
  • 2x6"  spruce wall studs & rafters
  • Galvanized steel corners/Door Trim (So horses can’t chew wood)
  • Hooks in corners to move shed from pasture to pasture.
  • Steel roof

These Run-Ins are portable so no permits are required. We offer 7 standard sizes 10×10, 10×12, 10×14, 10×16 10×18, 10×20 or 10×24. 12ft wide is also an option. And we will also custom built them the way you want them too just let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to give a quote.

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Roof Options

 Steel Roof

  • Many Different colors to choose from.
  • These photos are a guideline only and actual colors may vary.

color HS12X24 Horse Run-In 12x24'


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